Throw a Themed New Year’s Eve Party to Remember

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Debbie Miller Last Updated: November 28, 2016

The thought of a new year coming usually brings a feeling of excitement and a whole slew of resolutions. 

You’re going to get fit, save money, stop all of your bad habits, and read all those books you’ve been putting off.

It’ll be a fresh start, right?

Hold on!

Before you get busy changing the world, it’s important to take some time to celebrate! Remember all the good things that happened in the year that’s ending and look with joyful anticipation toward what’s coming in the new year.

Basically, it’s time to have a party!

New Year’s Eve parties are nothing new. But how about planning a party that stands out from anything you’ve done before? How about something different?

New Year’s Eve party ideas that won’t disappoint

Check out some of these ideas for a themed party your friends will be talking about for years to come!

  • Decade party. What a great way to say goodbye to the past! From poodle skirts to teased hair, invite your friends to come dressed in clothing that represents their favorite decade. Choose your own favorite time period to be the theme for the food and music. Vanilla Ice, anyone? If you’re really lucky, one of your guests will show up rocking some Hammer Pants. Find more fun ideas for a decade party here.
  • Celebrity party. There are several different angles you can take with a party like this. You could ask your guests to come dressed as any celebrity of their choosing or you could limit it to celebrities who were big in the news in the past year. Another idea is to make it an “Old Hollywood” theme. You can make it as glam or as laid-back as you want! But really, who wouldn’t like to see some Cary Grants and Greta Garbos at their party?
  • One-last-hurrah party. Remember all those resolutions you’re going to keep in the new year? Why not say goodbye to your bad habits in a big way? Throw a one-last-hurrah party for your guests to have one more night of indulgence before they set their feet on the straight and narrow. Stock up on fried foods and sweets for the new healthy eaters. Set up a gaming station for the friends who want to unplug in the new year. Find out what it is your friends want to give up and let them have one last hurrah.
  • Masquerade party. Fabulous masks are obviously the hallmark of a masquerade party. Use them as decor, centerpieces, and anywhere else you can incorporate them. Add some sparkle and bling too! You can find amazing ideas to throw an unforgettable masquerade ball in your own home right here.
  • Noon Year’s Eve party. Don’t forget about the kiddos! Staying up until midnight isn’t ideal for little ones. If you want to have a kid-friendly party consider having a Noon Year’s Eve celebration. Serve finger foods the kids will love, whip up some mocktails, and set up several craft stations. Counting down to noon will be a big hit!

THE party adults will never forget!

If throwing a big bash isn’t your style, The Hideaway Inn has some options. We’re the perfect choice for saying goodbye to the old year and ringing in a new one.  

You can have dinner and drinks at the award-winning 1938 Restaurant and Pub. Get a relaxing massage and facial or choose a spa package to make the cares and stress of the past year fade away.

Contact Hideaway Country Inn to book your room and spend a low-key “night in.”

What kind of New Year’s Even party are you going to this year?

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