It’s a relaxing day at HideAway Country Inn!

Rehearsal Dinner Planning with HideAway

flightmedia January 29, 2013

This week’s wedding blog at HideAway is all about the Rehearsal Dinner. Many of us are familiar with a rehearsal dinner but not entirely sure how to go about planning one. The point of the rehearsal dinner is for the wedding couple to thank their bridal party and celebrate the upcoming wedding in a room full of family and friends. Below are steps to ensure you plan the ideal rehearsal dinner.

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Gift the Perfect V-day Experience with HideAway

flightmedia January 23, 2013

So Valentine’s Day is on the mind and you’re wondering what to possibly get that someone special in your life. Statistics show that people are currently loving “experience” gifts so why not plan the ultimate romantic getaway experience at HideAway Inn. Whether you decide to stay overnight in one of our luxurious rooms (we hope you do) or simply have a romantic candle-lit dinner for two, the best gift you can give is a couples massage. Whether you’ve been dating six months or married for 20 years, the couples massage is a gift that will anyone happy. HideAway Inn has two great couple massages to choose from.

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Love is in the Air..Almost

flightmedia January 22, 2013

The day of love, Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner. Many on a quest for a romantic getaway will check in at HideAway for a full weekend of romance and relaxation. This day is also big for wedding proposals. According to Time Newsfeed, “220,000: The average number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day each year (10% of the annual total).” Who says you have to wait to be engaged anyhow!? You can start planning your picture perfect wedding day now with HideAway Inn, located in Bucyrus, Ohio. No matter your personality, HideAway has an array of packages for you to choose from.

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Be-My-Valentine with HideAway

flightmedia January 17, 2013

This Valentine’s Day, beat the crowded restaurants and noisy ambiance and spend your holiday with HideAway Inn. Book your romantic getaway, complete with a private dinner for two, wine and cocktails in the bistro, and sip champagne from your private Jacuzzi. Request rose petals on the bed, chocolates in the room, or any other special twist. Last, surprise your other half with this DIY Valentine Day desserts!

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Cheers to the New Year

flightmedia January 10, 2013

Whether you celebrated the New Year at midnight or not, the fun doesn’t have to stop! Our chef at HideAway Inn, tucked between Bucyrus, Marion, and Mansfield, Ohio, has scouted the area for the most festive 2013 drinks. Whether you are hosting a party, planning a girls night out, or indulging in a drink after a long day, we’ve put together a list of this year’s must-try drinks.

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“Just Because” Massages

flightmedia January 8, 2013

Many times we think we need to have a reason to book a massage. HideAway Inn’s licensed massage team has tons of reasons why you should get a massage monthly just because. Many of us think we shouldn’t spend money on ourselves, feelings of guilt start to arise, or we think money can be better spent. However, research will show that massages are not just for feeling good. They have real health and wellness benefits to them so next time you think you need a “reason” to get a massage, remind yourself of the list below and indulge, guilt-free.

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Elegant Elopement from your Wedding Planner

flightmedia January 7, 2013

Looking for an escape from the typical year long wedding planning and huge crowd of people you rarely talk to? HideAway Inn, located in Bucyrus, Ohio, has the perfect package: The Elegant Elopement. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend trip or a plan in the making, this intimate country wedding is perfect for just the bride and groom.

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Enjoy Life More with HideAway Inn

flightmedia January 3, 2013

With the New Year come new resolutions. This year, HideAway Inn challenges you to enjoy life more whether it’s a girlfriend getaway, commit to be fit, romantic escape, and so on. Many of us are consumed with the hustle, bustle and stress of everyday life that we forget to stop and enjoy the things we have control over. According to the top 10 resolutions written by, resolution number five is to enjoy life more. HideAway makes that easy with our luxurious rooms, indulging spa packages, steamy jacuzzis, endless acres of beautiful land, and our delicious food.

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