It’s a relaxing day at HideAway Country Inn!

DIY Spa Treatment advice from Hideaway Country Inn, MidOhio Premier Spa

flightmedia July 27, 2012

Relax. Bath. Soak. Unwind. Indulge. Our friends at LearnVest have shared some more DIY spa treatments we want to send your way..just in time for the weekend!

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Unconventional outdoor weddings centrally located in Mid Ohio HideAway Country Inn

Topics: Wedding

Debbie Miller July 26, 2012

What comes to mind when you think of a wedding: white layered cake, white puffy dress, flowered center pieces, traditional sign in guest book?  One unique couple  from Ruffled Blog turned their wedding into a vintage themed carnival.  Many of the pieces were do-it-yourself that were vibrant with color and extremely detailed and thoughtful.

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Wine Tasting without the Wine

flightmedia July 25, 2012

Looking for a fun night out with a new twist? Maybe you’re having a casual night with friends over and you want to add a little fun. Instead of the traditional wine tastings, why not try a beer tastings? You are sure to have a great time and learn a little something too!

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Glowing Beauty Advice from our Bucyrus Oh Spa technicians

flightmedia July 20, 2012

Do you look in the mirror and wonder who that woman is staring back at you? The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. To get that star quality glow with glossy cheeks and rosy flush, we’ve put together some tips that will help to turn back the clock and leaving you looking refreshed and energized.

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Farmer's Markets

flightmedia July 19, 2012

You’d be living under a rock if you hadn’t noticed the latest food craze to eat organic, gluten-free, local, cage-free, chemical free craze that’s taken off the past few years. Another growing concept is cooking with fresh ingredients from farmer’s markets. Molly Watson discusses the top reasons to eat local in guide which I will share below.

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Spa-rty Packages

flightmedia July 17, 2012

What woman doesn’t love to be pampered? Does sipping champagne while indulging in a pedicure in the comfort of your own private room with your friends sitting right next to you sound too good to be true? HideAway will bring the spa services directly to your room!

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The Centerpiece

Topics: Wedding

Debbie Miller July 16, 2012

From the actual ceremony to the reception, every bride’s dream is for her big day to be flawless, fun, and beautiful. For this to happen some serious planning is involved from the major decisions of what venue to book down to the final details of which centerpiece to decide on. The centerpiece at your reception can seem small but it is all the small details that paint the ultimate picture. While elaborate flowers can make a table appealing, they may be the best on your budget. Below are some creative and stylish ideas that can be bought or done yourself. These all add a unique twist on the typical flowers.

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Dinner for Two

Topics: Romantic Getaway>

Topics: Dining

Debbie Miller July 11, 2012

Cooking: does just the word send you into a panic? While many enjoy cooking and see it as a hobby or way to relax, others view cooking as a chore. Just the other evening I was on the phone with my significant other and agreed to make dinner. This was at about 3pm during my typical workday and my fridge consisted of bottled water and condiments. I hung up and stared at my phone wondering what I’d just done. “You don’t even know how to cook,” a voice in my head screamed.

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Bridesmaid Gifts

Topics: Wedding

Debbie Miller July 10, 2012

Sure, the wedding is all about the bride but let’s not forget the bridesmaids! Unlike picking the venue, dress, and all other major decisions, the bridesmaid gift does not have a specific timeline. The rule of thumb is to aim about two months before the actual wedding but it’s really up to the bride. Another big question may be cost. How do you pick how much to spend on a bridesmaid gift? A good way to figure this out is obviously by your budget but also by how much you’ve asked the bridesmaids to spend on the wedding overall. Typically, the maid of honor receives a bit more lavish gift as they do more of the planning.

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Homemade Spa Treatments

flightmedia July 5, 2012

Looking for a relaxing night in, girlfriend getaway, or a night out on the town? Test out HideAway's many spa options from facials to mani/pedis to outdoor massage to keep yourself looking and feeling great. Maintain soft and glowing skin with these homemade spa treatments from Michelle Naylor, volunteer for the American Cancer Society's Look Good…Feel Better program.

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Guests Books with a Twist

Topics: Insider

Debbie Miller July 3, 2012

It’s time to get personal. Every little detail of your wedding is important, including the guest book. Instead of having a traditional book that people sign, why not add a creative touch? Below are some examples that can compliment your theme, budget, and make your wedding day a little more heartfelt.

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Patriotic Cocktails & Treats

Topics: Dining

Debbie Miller July 2, 2012

The 4th of July food series is continued! That’s right. We are bringing you even more great recipes to impress your family and drinks specials to wow your friends. The holiday is almost here so let’s get started!

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